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david            HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER


It’s elementary!
Picture Day conjures up images of cowlicks and
uneasy smiles — not a pretty picture.
Enter NJS Pictures 
( Not Just School Pictures )
With NJS, you’ll begin your day with an expedient,
organized Picture Day, and end with professional,
top quality photographs that will bring a smile to
student, parent, and school staff alike.

The Right Stuff
At NJS, we shoot until we get it just right. As any
professional photographer will tell you, it can take
numerous poses to get the right shot, and at NJS
we don’t stop until we know we’ve got it.

Retakes are virtually nonexistent with the exception
of absentees. In fact, our retakes are less than 1% in
any given year. And that means less disruption to your
clasrooms and more satisfaction for your school’s
families and students.

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